Our History

Company History

Our roots can be traced back to our founder, Rick Greene’s humble beginnings in financial management in 1978.  Very early in his career, Rick showed the ability to come up with holistic strategies for his clients.

In 1980 he developed FOPSSI, a financial planning concept. In 1981, he worked with a large insurance carrier to design a new type of disability insurance coverage for resident physicians. In 1984, he started Mason Greene Financial Plans, Inc. which offered a proprietary system for institutional CD investments which was endorsed by several state hospital associations.

Before it was fashionable, Rick embraced comprehensive financial planning as a wave of the future. In 1985 he became one of the youngest CFP®s in the Midwest and merged his growing practice into Michigan Financial Group. He was a leading associate there until 2005 when he founded Greene Wealth Management, LLC.

Since 2005, Greene Wealth has continued to evolve with tools and services that have focused on the challenges of our clients ever changing needs.  The origin culture of innovation and forward thinking strategies are very much alive and well today in the current team.