Working With Us

Our team has a wholistic approach to our clients’ wealth management plans.  We begin with a comprehensive Discovery session.  Our Discovery session help us to understand your current financial situation, future goals, risk tolerance, and any family dynamics that could affect financial decisions.  We identify gaps or issues and then develop strategies to address each one.    There are eight wealth management issues that we focus on with our clients to work toward optimal financial health:

  • Investments
  • Insurance
  • Cash flow and income analysis
  • Retirement plans and distribution thereof
  • Gifting to children and descendants
  • Philanthropic and charitable gifts
  • Legacy planning (generational wealth transfer)
  • Enterprise level investment solutions for business owners and employees

The following list of services will provide you an in-depth view of our comprehensive approach:

Retirement Cash Flow

  • Review existing insurance contracts. (Life, Disability & Long-Term Care) 
  • Provide (Life, Disability & Long-Term Care) insurance gap analysis
  • Provide an annual budgeting worksheet
  • Provide an analysis of corporate employee benefits
  • Multi generation planning

Asset Allocation Management

  • Evaluate the current investment strategy in relation to your objectives and personal risk tolerance
  • Recommend tactical asset allocation that aligns with your risk tolerance and investment plan
  • Recommend investment selection of low cost, tax efficient vehicles when appropriate
  • Daily monitoring of your portfolio and account activity
  • Ensure coordination of your investment plan with your retirement cash flow model 

Income Tax Planning

  • Identify and discuss alternatives to reduce income tax liabilities in relation to your investments
  • Capital gains tax management: efficiently manage highly appreciated securities to avoid unnecessary taxes

Estate Planning Support

  • Review the present estate plan and recommend changes or additional support resources as needed
  • Illustrate alternatives that would reduce or eliminate estate taxes in the event of death
  • Explore planned charitable and non-charitable giving techniques as methods of estate conservation and distribution
  • Discuss coordination of annual exclusion and unified credit gifting programs

Software Applications

  • Provide unlimited access to secure electronic document storage using our wealth management platform
  • Client wealth dashboard for account aggregation and advanced cash flow modeling
  • Use of a secured email messaging system that keeps your emails and data protected
  • Sign paperwork electronically.  Saving time and paper, with the option to save electronic copies of forms for future access

Specialty Services

  • Employer sponsored retirement plan advice
  • Executive compensation planning that includes deferred compensation
  • Buy/Sell agreements
  • Key personnel insurance
  • Analyze needs and strategic fit for other financial products as needed. (structured notes, annuities, etc)